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Frequently Ask Questions

    What are the rules about where a sex offender can live?

    There are different criteria depending on the offense. Those convicted of Sexual
        Abuse 1st,  Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree;  except 709.4 (2)(c)(4) must abide by
        the residency restriction law. As of July 1, 2009 the law changed in regards to
        residency restrictions; you can call 319-291-5029/5023, check the Iowa website, or
        the Black Hawk County website (see next question).

Q:    How do I find out if an address is ok for a sex offender to live at?

A:    Black Hawk County Online  
  • read disclaimer then click on "Yes"
  • click on "address" in the upper left corner (may have to click twice)
  • enter address and submit
        The address you choose will show up as a Yellow box on the map.
        If "ANY" Blue grid touches it, it "IS" within 2000ft. of a school or daycare center.

    Can a sex offender be around children?

    Yes, if they are his/her children or step-children.

Q:    Can a parent be charged with child endanderment for leaving a child(ren) with
        a known sex offender?

    Yes, child endangerment charges can be filed against the parent of a child(ren) for
        entrusting their child with a registered sex offender or living with a registered sex
        offender. DHS becomes involved with the parent and the child(ren). The parent is
        exempt if married to the registered sex offender.

Q:    How do I register with the Iowa Sex Offender Registry?

A:    You must report to the Sheriff's Office in the county where your primary residence is
        located to fill out registration paper work.  You must also register your place of
        employment and any schools you attend.  You have five (5) business days to complete
        this registration from the date you are "convicted" of a quailifing sex or sex related crime
        and/or released from jail/prison, or you obtain a different residence, begin employment,
        or school in Black Hawk County.

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