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If the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office was the investigating agency for an auto accident, copies of the report are available upon request in person or online at .  The cost for each report is $10.00, payable by cash, certified check, or business/insurance checks;  personal checks are not accepted.  Payments online are made by credit card.  The report will be the state accident report only.  


We provide criminal background checks for Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office arrests only.  It does not include juvenile records, traffic records (which may be obtained from the Iowa Department of Transportation), nor does it include arrest information from another agency.  We suggest you check with other agencies for additional information.  The criminal records check does not include disposition information on any of the charges, it simply states that the individual was arrested.  We caution your use of this information without full court disclosure on the disposition of each charge.  Contact the Black Hawk County Clerk of Courts at 319-833-3000 for disposition information.  The cost for a criminal background check is $10.00 cash.

If you are in need of a statewide criminal background check, you will need to contact the Department of Criminal Investigations in Des Moines at 515-725-6072.



Incident reports (anything other than accidents) are available by contacting our custodian of records at: 319-291-2587 ext. 5126 or ext. 5135.  Verification of Loss/Theft Reports are available for insurance purposes.  Cost is $10.00.



Jail Credit is calculated ONLY at the time you are sent to prison.  The prison will provide you with a jail credit request form which needs to be submitted to the Records Department.  This request should include the following information:

  1. Name/Date of birth of Inmate
  2. Case Number (court docket #) of EACH case you are requesting credit for
  3. What the original charge was
  4. Date of original offense

This information is needed to insure you receive the correct amount of credit for your cases.  After your request is researched and calculated, this information will be provided TO THE PRISON via e-mail.  Separate copies will not be mailed to the inmate.

If you are to serve your time in the Black Hawk County Jail, the jail staff will research your case to see if any time was previously served.  They will apply this to your sentence when you come to jail.

If you require verification of incarceration in the Black Hawk County Jail, we can provide this verification for $10.00.



Requests made by the armed forces can be faxed directly to records at 319-291-2521 or the local recruiter can bring them to our office.

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