I Want to Report to You

If this is an EMERGENCY or CRIME IN PROGRESS please call:  911
For non emergencies, contact the dispatch center at: 319-291-2515. 
You may contact the Sheriff's Office directly by dialing: 319-291-2587

If you have information that is not happening now but is an ongoing problem in your neighborhood you can email the Sheriff's Office below.  Examples would include speeders at certain times of the day, someone you think may be selling drugs, etc.

You can remain anonymous if you would like or feel free to give us your name and phone number so if we have questions we can contact you.

Please try and give us the exact location of the event and if possible times that it occurs, and any other important information including vehicle descriptions, license plate numbers, descriptions of people, etc.

Thank you for helping keep your neighborhood safe.

Email us at: patrolsgt@bhcso.org

To register a complaint, please see form below, fill out and return to the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office.
Complaint Form in .pdf

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