Pay Room and Board

Information in regards to room and boarding fees at the BHC Jail.

Booking Fee $25.00
Room and Board $70.00 per day

Payments can be brought in or mailed to the Sheriff's Office.

To obtain the following; contact 319-291-5029:
  • Balance due
  • Adjust payment plan
  • Get copy of payment plan
  • Check on any credits

Failure to keep payment arrangements will result in any or all of the following:

  • Driver's License revocation
  • Refusal to renew vehicle registration
  • Withholding of Iowa State Income Tax refund
  • Contempt of Court charges
  • Garnishments/Executions of Wages/Assets
  • Liens on Real Property
  • Forfeiture of money owed to you by Clerk of Court
  • Collection by County Attorney
  • Collection by the Dept. of Revenue and Finance with a 10% late penalty attached

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