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Effective July 1, 2021 Weapons Permit Laws in Iowa have changed. Please visit the Iowa Department of Public Safety website for details, frequently asked questions, and updated Iowa Laws.

Iowa DPS Weapon Permit Info Brochure

HF756 - Iowa's New Weapon Permit Law

Iowa Department of Public Safety Weapon Permit Information

If applying for a weapons permit through Black Hawk County, we are unable to accept the downloadable forms from the DPS website above. Weapon permit applications must be submitted HERE.

The Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office does not accept paper applications at the front counter or through the mail. You must apply using the online application.

On-line Weapons Permit Applications:

Obtaining Weapon Permits

The Sheriff of your county of residence is the only person who is authorized to issue permits unless you are a non-resident of Iowa or require a permit as a result of your employment by the State of Iowa, in which case the Commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety can issue permits to carry.

The process for Permits to Carry begins by attending training. Training can be received from any number of sources to include:  NRA certified instructors, Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified instructors or numerous other authorized trainers.  The Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office does not endorse any specific trainer and the obligation to locate a reputable trainer falls solely on the applicant.

Regardless of permit requested, the Sheriff's Office staff is required to submit a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) on the applicant.  The Sheriff's Office will also submit a request for any mental health adjudications and juvenile felony arrests from the Clerk of District Court to verify if the applicant was found guilty of the felony.

For Professional and Non-Professional Permits to Carry Weapons, you are encouraged to attend a Handgun Safety Training Course from a reputable trainer.  This class should provide further details on Iowa law, related restrictions, and applicable federal weapons laws as well as safe weapons handling procedures.

Weapons permits cannot be picked up at the Sheriff's Office, and will be mailed to the person from the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Weapons Permits Business Hours: Lobby kiosk
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm (excludes holidays).

Types of Permits Available

Permit to Acquire Pistols or Revolvers -
A permit to acquire authorizes the holder to acquire pistols or revolvers; however, this does not authorize the holder to carry a weapon. An Iowa permit to acquire pistols or revolvers is valid for 5 Years. It is valid throughout the state.

Nonprofessional Permit to Carry Weapons -
A nonprofessional permit to carry authorizes the permit holder to carry weapons for a period of five years and also authorizes the Iowa resident to acquire firearms in the same manner as a permit to acquire and is valid for the 5 years. 

A new applicant is required to demonstrate that they have completed any NRA safety training course or course offered by other recognized firearms trainer to include U.S. Military (as evidenced by form DD-214 or honorable discharge).

For a renewal applicant, Iowa law no longer requires training to occur within the previous 12 months prior of expiration.  Renewal applications must be submitted no more than 30 days prior to expiration date, but no longer than 30 days after expiration date.  A valid nonprofessional permit to carry expires 5 years after date of issue.

Professional Permit to Carry Weapons -
A professional permit to carry authorizes the permit holder to carry weapons in connection with their employment. A professional permit is only valid while going to and from work and while actually engaged in the employment for which it was issued.

A valid professional permit to carry weapons authorizes an Iowa resident to acquire firearms in the same manner as a permit to acquire and expires a year from issue or at termination of employment (whichever comes first).

More Information:
For more information contact the  Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office at 319-291-2587 or the Iowa Department of Public Safety by e-mail: wpinfo@dps.state.ia.us or by telephone: 515-725-6230.

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