Get an Inmate Out of Jail

To get an inmate out of jail prior to final court disposition you can utilize either of two methods.

1.  Post Cash Bond
2.  Post Bond through a Bonding Agency


To post a cash bond, first verify with the Jail the amount of bond by calling 291-2587 ext. 5244 or checking this website

During regular business hours take the cash and go to the Black Hawk County Courthouse, 3rd floor, and present the cash to the Clerk of Courts.  A certificate will be given to you verifying the bond is paid.  Bring that certificate to the front counter of the Sheriff's Office and give it to the attendant. 

After regular business hours, bring the correct cash amount directly to the BHC Sheriff's Office.


To post bond utilizing a bonding agency, you need to contact one of the various agencies in the area.    The phone numbers for the agencies can be found in the phone book.  The bonding agencies will work with you and come up with the terms and conditions of posting bond for an inmate's release.  The bonding agencies are completely separate from the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office, and the Sheriff's Office does not recommend or discredit any bonding agency.

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