Progress 2016 / 2017

Construction began in the spring of 2010 on the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office's very own Training Facility and Firearms Range.  With a great deal of help from various sponsors, as well as hands on work from many members of the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office, construction and progress have been ever moving forward.

Several new projects have been completed, or are nearing completion as of February 2017. All current and future aspects will provide additional resources, both for training and daily operations, to enhance the capability of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Among the most recent projects are:

Covered Area On 50 Yard Range

This area provides shade and workspace during use of the 50
yard firing range. Additional seating offers an instruction and
rest area during training and qualifications.

Covered Seating and Recreation Area
The recreation area offers individuals an opportunity for social
gatherings, as well as an area to relax during training.


Live Fire and Simulated Ammunition Shoot House

Construction of our 3,600 square foot Shoot House has since
been completed. The shoot house is nearly limitless for internal
configurations, allowing for training scenarios and various
floorplans of Close Quarters and Entry Training. The shoot
house is capable of containing not only live fire ammunition,
but also aids in reducing the noise pollution resulting from live
fire training. Simulated Ammunitions are also used in the
shoot house, which can aid in dynamic, live scenarios.

Raymond Range Training Facility Expansion

Progress continues to provide the best training facility we can offer for our local and state law enforcement officers.

With our updated lease agreement with Basic Materials Corporation, the Sheriff's Office Raymond Range Training Facility now includes areas roughly outlined above. This additional land will enable us to further develop our Training Area and resources which are available to State and Local Law Enforcement.

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