General Job Description

Job Summary

The Civilian Detention Officer works as a member of the Black Hawk County Jail Services Division and is responsible for the custody and control of inmates.  The Civilian Detention Officer performs functions in accordance with established regulations and procedures.  

Job Responsibilities

• Must be capable of regular and predictable attendance at a specified location in order to perform assigned tasks.
• Monitors conduct of inmates in jail units, or during work or recreational activities, according to established policies, regulations, and procedures, to prevent escape or violence.
• Inspects conditions of locks, window bars, doors at jail facility to ensure security and help prevent escapes.
• Records information, such as inmate identification, charges and incidences of inmate disturbance, and keeps complete and accurate logs of activity.
• Searches inmates and conducts shakedowns of cells for valuables or contraband, such as weapons or drugs.
• Conducts head counts to ensure that each inmate is present.
• Applies physical force in situations necessary to maintain the orderly operation of the jail.
• Other duties as assigned

• Supervision is received from Black Hawk County Jail Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captain or other designated supervisor.

• No functional and administrative supervision is exercised over support staff. 

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