Deputy C. Chase and K9 Jarvis

Deputy Chase and Canine Jarvis

Jarvis is a two year old Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador mix. He was originally trained as a service dog by PAWS with a Cause in Michigan. During his training, it was learned that he would make a better law enforcement canine due to his energy level and high drive. Through Mid-Michigan Kennels, Jarvis and Deputy Chase found each other. Jarvis and Deputy Chase then attended K9 and Handler School with Mike Morgan, owner of Mid-Michigan Kennels, located in Eaton Rapids Michigan. Jarvis is trained not only for narcotics detection, but also for tracking and article searches.


The funds to purchase Jarvis were provided by private donations to the Black Hawk County K9 Fund.


Jarvis along with his handler, Deputy Chase and Deputy Schmidt are pictured here. Jarvis alerted on a traffic stop which Schmidt had conducted just two hours into Jarvis’s first active duty shift. Methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs were located inside the vehicle. The traffic stop resulted in three individuals being arrested on drug charges.


Jarvis’shandler is Deputy Chad Chase who has been employed by the Black HawkCounty Sheriff’s Office since 2004. Deputy Chase is a certified CPRinstructor, Field Training Officer and he spent five years as a memberof the SWAT Team, with four of those five years in the role of SWAT Teamsniper.

Jarvis and Deputy Chase train as a team on average 16 hours a month in addition to a regular work schedule. Jarvis and Deputy Chase currently hold certifications from Dogs For Law Enforcement (DLE) and the USPCA (United States Police Canine Association).

Jarvis also serves his role in public relations helping Deputy Chase educate children and the public. Jarvis has used his charm to warm the hearts of children throughout the county during talks and responding to calls.

In his off time Jarvis enjoys a lot of love and attention from Chad’s family and friends, as well as playing with his housemate German Shepherd and Corgi. 

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