Deputy of the Year

Deputy of the Year 2022 Zach Holbach


During the annual Black Hawk County Law Enforcement Association’s Christmas Party, Sheriff Tony Thompson announced the 2022 Deputy and Civilian of the Year for the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office.  These awards, along with recognitions for about 10% of the entire staff (Certificate of Merit Awardees) for jobs well done during the year were awarded Friday night at the Waterloo Moose Lodge. What makes these recognitions even more special is that they come not just from supervisors but recommendations from peers also.

Our Deputy of the Year, Zach Holbach, has been with the agency since 2013.  He is currently assigned to the 3rd shift Patrol and was recognized by both peers and supervisors for his being a “go-getter” and one who is constantly able to get things done.  “Zach has an uncanny ability to recognize faces and names. He remembers inmates, recognizes warrant holders on the streets and aids in investigations often.  So far this year, he has 106 arrests, 73 assists and has been listed on 453 traffic stops in the county.” says Sheriff Thompson

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