Deputy of the Year 2010

2010 Deputy of the Year:

  Sheriff Tony Thompson (Left) and Deputy of the Year Dave Hinz (Right)

During a ceremony at the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office's Annual Christmas Party, Sheriff Tony Thompson announced Deputy Dave Hinz as the agency's choice for 2010 Deputy of the Year.

Deputy Hinz, a 3rd shift patrol deputy was cited for the award for continually performing his duties with professionalism, dedication and inventiveness.  He was recognized further for his activities as a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) and the additional personal time invested in making this effort a success. 

According to Sheriff Thompson, "In 2010, Deputy Hinz conducted an additional 19 DRE examinations which resulted in 18 additional drunk or drug impaired drivers being removed from our county roadways.  Through his individual efforts as a senior patrol deputy, he continues to make Black Hawk County a safer place to live and work."

Deputy Hinz has been with the Sheriff's Office since 01-03-1994, and has worked in both the Jail and Patrol Divisions.  "He has been cited numerous times for favorable and meritorious actions; he freely gives of his personal time and has responded to requests for support from other agencies as well as our own as a DRE; and justly deserves this award." says Sheriff Thompson.

Due to Deputy Hinz's shift and work schedule, interviews and other media requests will need to be prior coordinated.

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