Inmate Work Crew



The Inmate Worker Program has had significant impact on both the jail facility as well as on public projects.  Deputies continue to calculate the approximate number of inmate hours worked and continue to see growth in the number and in the impact of the program.

This resource has impacted jail inmate laundry, floors and routine maintenance inside the jail, as well as public streets, parks, roadside ditches, graffiti eradication, mowing, snow removal, seeding, weeding and trimming projects throughout Black Hawk County.

While it is difficult to ascertain a dollar figure for comparative statistics of money saved through using the Inmate Worker Program, even at minimum wage, the use of this resource equates to a savings of well over $100,000-$200,000 per year.

Contact the Black Hawk County Jail (319-291-2587 ext 5166) if you have projects or ideas that the Inmate Worker Program may have positive impact on.

Inmates Working at Range

Roadway/Bridge Cleanup

Court House and Pinecrest

Previous Work Crew Photos

Park Clean-Up

(Park Clean-Up 8th and Mulberry Street)

Flood Prevention

In Anticipation of Spring Flooding, Inmate Work Crew Utilized to Fill Sandbags

Smooth Roads

Inmate Work Crew Fills Potholes in Waterloo
In a joint effort with the City of Waterloo, the Inmate Worker Program is now being utilized to aid in the pothole repair effort on Waterloo streets.  Read the Sheriff's Press Release HERE.

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