Citizen Advisory Council


To serve as an advocacy and an advisory group to develop a sense of understanding, education and communication within the community, by providing citizens and jail inmates an avenue to pursue concerns and advocate for human rights and fair treatment.


  • To provide advocacy for inmates, concerned citizens and support for the families of Black Hawk County and to be an advisory council for the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office. 
  • To provide educational information for the public as it relates to the functions of the Sheriff’s Office, jail and field operations. 
  • To function in an advisory capacity for the Sheriff’s Office to enhance jail practices and procedures.
  • To offer support to the public and assist the Sheriff’s Office in responding to citizens’ issues and concerns.
  • To make membership in this organization accessible to all citizens of Black Hawk County. 
  • To provide an additional mechanism for inmates and citizens to address concerns with policies and procedures after all internal processes have been completed.

Below is the application form in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to view this document.  If you would like to be a part of the Community Advisory Council, you will need to print the application, fill it out, and follow the mailing instructions.

Community Advisory Council application:  cac_application.pdf

History of the CAC:  CAC History.pdf


The CAC Informational Brochure and request for assistance/review:  CAC Brochure- Request for Review.pdf





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