Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing Overview



The Shadow Boxing program is a youth diversion program intended to take those youthful offenders or at-risk teenagers and encourage positive growth and impact through parental, spiritual and community involvement.  The reason for "Shadow Boxing" as the name is quite simple... through our programming, our youth will recognize that their truest adversary and toughest enemy in life is themselves... their choices... their decisions... their actions/inaction... so, the only person they are really fighting against is themselves (a.k.a- "shadow boxing").


The program is co-sponsored by the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office and the Ambassadors for Christ Church in Waterloo.  The program is the “brain-child” of Pastor Faye Scott, and was embraced by Sheriff Thompson, the Department of Corrections: 1st Judicial District, and Waterloo Neighborhood Services in a partnership to provide structure and programming.


Each program participant and their parent must agree to a one year “contract” whereby they agree to provide community service and attend programming with their parent.  “One of the biggest benefits of this effort is that we encourage the family to dialogue and communicate.  We make the parents labor right along side the youth.  This program opens a channel of communication that I believe is critical to the future success of the child” says Sheriff Thompson.


Even in its infancy, the program is quickly growing steam and recognition for its efforts.  Continue to watch for growth and the positive impact on both the youth of Black Hawk County, as well as our communities.

Read more about the Shadow Boxing Program in THIS ARTICLE from the March 29, 2010 edition of the WCF Courier.

If you are interested in learning more about the Shadow Boxing Program, you can contact Pastor Faye Scott at: 319-233-0414 or Deputy Joe Stafford (Community Services Coordinator) at: 319-291-2587 ext 5132.

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