July of 1981

Late in the evening of July 12, 1981, Waterloo Police Officers
Michael Hoing and Wayne Rice were dispatched to a home answering a routine call on a loud stereo. Moments later both
Hoing and Rice lost their lives in the line of duty, gunned down by the suspect in the front yard of the residence. The suspect fled on foot. A massive manhunt ensued.

Law Enforcement from across the state of Iowa converged on
Black Hawk County to assist in the manhunt.

Sgt. Bill Mullikin    On July 14, 1981, Black Hawk County Sergeant William Mullikin 
    and another man lost their lives in a two car accident during
    this manhunt.

    The manhunt came to an end with the arrest of the suspect on 
    July 17, 1981 in a bean field outside La Porte City, Iowa.

    We have made this web page to remember the officers who
    lost their lives while serving our community in the fatal month
    of July 1981.

Below you will find photos from news clippings from the surrounding areas and newspapers.

    Deputies and Law Enforcement search
    the fields of Black Hawk County looking
    for signs of the suspect.

Waterloo Police and County Deputies work to pry open the car in which Deputy Sgt. William Mullikin died, and two other Deputies were injured.

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