Drop Off Court Clothes

To drop off court clothes for an inmate being housed in the Black Hawk County Jail, you need to bring the clothing to the reception desk of the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office located in the front lobby at 225 E 6th Street in Waterloo. Let the receptionist know who you are dropping the clothing off for and he/she will have a Deputy meet you in the front lobby. If you arrive before or after normal business hours, pick the phone up in the entry way and let master control or booking know why you are there.

A Deputy will write you a receipt with an itemization of the clothing accepted along with the inmate's name. All items accepted at the front desk are searched thoroughly before being placed in the inmate's property.

Court clothes should not be dropped off any earlier than two days prior to and no later than
8:30 a.m. on the day of the inmate's scheduled court date.

Inmates are not allowed to have court clothes dropped off for Initial Appearences. The inmate will go before the Judge or Magistrate in the clothing he/she was wearing at the time of arrest or in an inmate uniform.

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