Fee Schedule

Fee schedule
(See Iowa Code 331.655   
Accident Report    $10.00 
Criminal Record    $10.00 
Driving Record    $10.00 
Fingerprinting  ($0.00 for Court Ordered)
Photograph Copies  (+$5.00 if mailed)
Video Copies  (+$5.00 if mailed)   $10.00 
Incident Report    $10.00 
Civil Process (Excluding Garnishment)    $50.00 
Garnishment   $65.00

Firearms Permits  (See Iowa Code / "How Do I?" section)   
Permit to Acquire    $10.00
Permit to Carry Professional 
(New)  $50.00
Permit to Carry Professional
(Renewal)  $25.00
Permit to Photo ID
(Not Mandatory - Avail. for All Permits)
$10.00 in Addition to Applicable Permit Charge
Permit to Carry Non-Professional
Permit to Carry Non-Professional

No Fees for Law Enforcement Agencies Wanting Permit to Acquire
No Fees for Retired Law Enforcement Wanting Photo ID Card

Jail Fees     
Room and Board    $70.00 Per Day
Booking Fee    $25.00 Per Post Conviction Booking
Inmate Wedding Fee   $50.00




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