Fee Schedule

Fee schedule
(See Iowa Code 331.655   
Accident Report    $10.00 
Criminal Record    $10.00 
Driving Record    $10.00 
Fingerprinting  ($0.00 for Court Ordered)
Photograph Copies  (+$5.00 if mailed)
Video Copies  (+$5.00 if mailed)   $10.00 
Incident Report    $10.00 
Civil Process (Excluding Garnishment)    $50.00 
Garnishment   $65.00
The above civil process and garnishment fees must be pre-paid before we will process the paper through our system and have a deputy attempt service.

Civil Process Directions to the Sheriff
The Directions to the Sheriff for Civil Process form must also accompany the pre-paid fees, as well as the document to be served. Please fill in all information known on the top portion of the form ending in name, address and phone of person requesting service.
Directions to Sheriff .pdf file can be downloaded HERE.

Firearms Permits  (See Iowa Code / "How Do I?" section)   
Permit to Acquire    $10.00
Permit to Carry Professional 
(New)  $50.00
Permit to Carry Professional
(Renewal)  $25.00
Permit to Photo ID
(Not Mandatory - Avail. for All Permits)
$10.00 in Addition to Applicable Permit Charge
Permit to Carry Non-Professional
Permit to Carry Non-Professional



No Fees for Law Enforcement Agencies Wanting Permit to Acquire
No Fees for Retired Law Enforcement Wanting Photo ID Card

Jail Fees     
Room and Board    $70.00 Per Day
Booking Fee    $25.00 Per Post Conviction Booking
Inmate Wedding Fee   $50.00





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