Inmate Mailing Address

Effective January 1, 2018:  Any books or magazines mailed to inmates that we accept, become the property of the jail and will be stamped as such.  These items can then be given to the designated inmate to use while they are here.  Once they leave, the books/magazines remain with the jail and will be placed in the library for other inmates to use.  This will eliminate the need to store excess property.  The 3 book / magazine rule addressed in the jail rule book applies at all times.

Mail can be sent to inmate's at the following address:

(Inmate name)
Black Hawk County Jail
225 East 6th St.
Waterloo, IA  50703

*Include a return address on any correspondence sent

*This is the same address for sending money


Letters and drawings sent to inmates at the Black Hawk County Jail must adhere to the following:
  • Letters and drawings must be typed or written with pen or pencil. Crayon, paint, felt pen, markers, lipstick, etc. will not be accepted.
  • Paper must be free of stains, stickers, tape, perfume, glitter, etc.
  • Content or letters must be only communication or correspondence. Sending items such as food, drink, stationary, stamps, etc. is not allowed.

The following subjects are considered banned content by the Jail Staff, and will not be distributed to inmates:

  • Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling.
  • Tactical Maneuvers, Firearms, Weapons, etc.
  • Unlawful Substances.
  • Tattoo and Body Piercing.
  • Sexually Explicit or Provocative Content.
  • Racist or Inflammatory Material.
  • Gang Related Material, Symbols, Hand Gestures, etc.
  • Any material that poses a safety or security threat to the Staff or Facility.

Obscene Material as defined by Iowa Code 721.8(5):

      5. "Obscene Material" is any material depicting or describing the genitals, sex acts, masturbation, excretory functions or sadomasochistic abuse which the average person, taking the material as a whole and applying contemporary community standards with respect to what is suitable material for minors, would find prurient interest and is patently offensive; and the material, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, scientific, political or artistic value.

Photograph Requirements:

  • Cannot be larger than 4x6 inches.
  • Photos containing banned content will not be allowed.
  • Polaroid photos will not be accepted.

Reading Material Requirements:

  • Books or magazines containing banned content will not be allowed.
  • Reading material cannot be sent from a local store. Approved reading material must be sent from a publisher or approved website. No items from third party sellers will be accepted.
  • Magazines must have a subscription.
  • It is advised to get reading material approved prior to ordering.
  • If an inmate is subscribed to a magazine or newspaper, and is released or transferred to another facility, the subscription will not be forwarded or reimbursed. It is the subscriber's responsibility to change the address.

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